Inuit Domestic Harvest

Working together to be sustainable
By reporting your harvesting activities to our department, you ensure the proper management of our resources and the future prosperity of our region.

As part of their mandate to manage our renewable resources, the Renewable Resources Division is responsible for monitoring the population health of harvested species for conservation purposes. To support the department’s efforts to ensure responsible harvesting, all Inuit are encouraged to report their harvesting activities to a Nunatsiavut Government Conservation Officer.

Simon Kohlmeister
Conservation Officer
(709) 922-2942 ext. 237

Ian Winters
Conservation Officer
(709) 933-3777 ext. 228

George Gear
Conservation Officer
(709) 479-9763

Errol Andersen
Lead Conservation Officer
(709) 923-2365 ext. 226

David Wolfrey
Conservation Officer
(709) 947-3542

Upper Lake Melville
Joseph Townley
Conservation Officer
(709) 896-8582

North West River
Dean McLean
Conservation Officer
(709) 497-8725

If conservation objectives require it, the government may need to set an Inuit domestic harvest level for a species or stock of fish or species of wildlife. In this case, Inuit will be able to harvest up to the Inuit domestic harvest level for that species or stock.