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Napvâlavut (Nanilavut) Project Manager - Nunatsiavut

Under the direction of the Archaeologist, the Napvâlavut Project Manager will be responsible for managing database records for Labrador, to help family members find out what happened to lost loved ones in relation to the tuberculosis epidemic of the 1940’s-1960’s, and to help families...

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Language Researcher - Nunatsiavut

Under the direction of the Director of Culture, the Language Researcher will be responsible for gathering research on Inuktitut revitalization, protection and promotion within Inuit Nunangat and international.  Draft discussion papers in preparation of a Language Summit and develop an...

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Community Health Worker - Nain

Under the supervision of the Team Leader, the Community Health Worker plans and implements health education, prevention and promotion of programs that are within the Department of Health and Social Development mandate.  The individual will be required to complete reports on a monthly basis...

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