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Household Food Security Survey results released Media Releases, News

The findings of a survey conducted in each of the five Labrador Inuit communities will help enable the Nunatsiavut Government to make informed decisions in its attempt to address concerns over food insecurity, says Nunatsiavut’s Minister of Health and Social Development, Greg Flowers.

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President concerned with health and wellbeing of flood victims Media Releases, News

Nunatsiavut President Johannes Lampe says his thoughts and prayers are with the people of Mud Lake and others affected by the flooding of the Churchill River.

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Recount required for by-election for Ordinary Member for Constituency of Canada Media Releases, News

Nunatsiavut Electoral Officer Nannette Blake confirmed today that a recount will be held on the results of the May 10 by-election to fill a vacant seat in the Nunatsiavut Assembly for the Constituency of Canada.

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