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Building for Our Future

Working together, with our people and other interested parties, we aim to develop our resources in a way that benefits all parties, including the region we call home.

Piguttisivallianik Sivunitsatinni

SuliaKaKatigennik, inuKutinni asinginnilu Kanuttojunik katimajinik, tugâvugut pivalliagiamik pivianattutinnik ikajutsigunnatumik ilonnainik ilaugumajunik, allât avittusimajuni taijattini angiggavut.

Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisigiamut

TusâlâkKusi Kaujigatsanik Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisinitsanginnut. AngnigusugiaKalâttut kiggatuttisanik Mai 6, 2014-mi.

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President extends congratulations to respected Inuit elders on receipt on honorary degrees from MUN Media Releases, News

Nunatsiavut President Johannes Lampe extends his congratulations to respected Inuit elders Jean Crane of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Nellie May Winters of Makkovik on receiving Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, degrees. Both received their degrees during a convocation today in Happy Valley-Goose...

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Inoculation rates for first doses of COVID-19 vaccine Media Releases, News

The Nunatsiavut Government today released data on the number of residents in each Labrador Inuit community, 18 years of age and older, that received the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine during the first round of inoculations carried out from January 11-16.

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Nunatsiavut Electoral Officer warns about posting marked ballots online News

The following is being distributed at the request of the Nunatsiavut Electoral Officer:

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