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Building for Our Future

Working together, with our people and other interested parties, we aim to develop our resources in a way that benefits all parties, including the region we call home.

Piguttisivallianik Sivunitsatinni

SuliaKaKatigennik, inuKutinni asinginnilu Kanuttojunik katimajinik, tugâvugut pivalliagiamik pivianattutinnik ikajutsigunnatumik ilonnainik ilaugumajunik, allât avittusimajuni taijattini angiggavut.

Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisigiamut

TusâlâkKusi Kaujigatsanik Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisinitsanginnut. AngnigusugiaKalâttut kiggatuttisanik Mai 6, 2014-mi.

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CALL FOR INFORMATION Requests for Proposals

The Nunatsiavut Government (NG) is seeking information regarding the availability of one or more staff housing units in the Inuit Communities of Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, Postville and Rigolet for leasing for a duration of 12-24 months.  The size of the units could range between 1-3 bedrooms.

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New Minister and Speaker appointed during sitting of Nunatsiavut Assembly Media Releases, News

The Nunatsiavut Government has a new Minister, and a new Speaker has been appointed to the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

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COVID-19 Travel Fact Sheet News

Being fully vaccinated prior to travelling helps protect you, your fellow travellers and your community. Vaccination means you are less likely to become infected during your journey or to bring COVID-19 back to your community, where you might unintentionally spread the virus to someone...

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