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Referendum Sept 13, 2021

Proposed Amendments to the Labrador Inuit Constitution to Allow for Changes to Election Dates due to Emergencies

Building for Our Future

Working together, with our people and other interested parties, we aim to develop our resources in a way that benefits all parties, including the region we call home.

Piguttisivallianik Sivunitsatinni

SuliaKaKatigennik, inuKutinni asinginnilu Kanuttojunik katimajinik, tugâvugut pivalliagiamik pivianattutinnik ikajutsigunnatumik ilonnainik ilaugumajunik, allât avittusimajuni taijattini angiggavut.

Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisigiamut

TusâlâkKusi Kaujigatsanik Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisinitsanginnut. AngnigusugiaKalâttut kiggatuttisanik Mai 6, 2014-mi.

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Referendum September 13, 2021 News

NEWS RELEASE- Referendum to allow election dates to be amended in the event of emergencies set for September 13    

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ITK Opens Nomination Period for Presidential Election Media Releases, News

Inuit at least 18 years of age may be nominated by the designated Member Representative of the following organizations: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, Makivik Corporation or the Nunatsiavut Government; or may submit a Candidate Application Form.

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Referendum to allow election dates to be amended in the event of emergencies set for September 13 Media Releases, News

Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement will decide on September 13 whether or not to amend the Labrador Inuit Constitution to allow dates of elections for President, Ordinary Members and Inuit Community Governments to be changed in case of emergencies.

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