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COVID-19 Emergency Response Programs

Building for Our Future

Working together, with our people and other interested parties, we aim to develop our resources in a way that benefits all parties, including the region we call home.

Piguttisivallianik Sivunitsatinni

SuliaKaKatigennik, inuKutinni asinginnilu Kanuttojunik katimajinik, tugâvugut pivalliagiamik pivianattutinnik ikajutsigunnatumik ilonnainik ilaugumajunik, allât avittusimajuni taijattini angiggavut.

Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisigiamut

TusâlâkKusi Kaujigatsanik Nunatsiavut Inunnik Angnigusuttisinitsanginnut. AngnigusugiaKalâttut kiggatuttisanik Mai 6, 2014-mi.

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STATEMENT - President offers thanks to those involved in rolling out COVID-19 vaccine Media Releases, News

These are unprecedented and historic times, as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. For nearly a year we’ve been living in a world of uncertainty, and while we still have some time to go before we are out of the woods, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

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COVID-19 Vaccine rollout in Nain Media Releases, News

Public health staff from the Nunatsiavut Department of Health and Social Development as well as Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health Authority are scheduled to be in Nain on Friday, January 15 and Saturday, January 16 to administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to all eligible residents, 18...

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Nunatsiavut COVID-19 Emergency Heat Subsidy Program News

The purpose of the Nunatsiavut COVID-19 Emergency Heat Subsidy Program is to provide assistance to those most vulnerable and those economically impacted by the global pandemic in covering costs of home heating. Eligible recipients may receive assistance with acquiring wood, or cover some...

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