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Report on Activities

I travelled to Ottawa in early March to listen to Finance Minister Bill Morneau hand down this year’s federal budget.  As I sat in the Diplomatic Gallery, I felt a sense of pride, knowing that all of our hard work, dedication and determination is starting to finally pay off.

The investments announced in the budget will help us deal with our current housing crisis, improve the health and wellbeing of many of our people, and create opportunities that will see our communities grow and prosper. While we await final details, we are confident this budget puts us in a better position to deal with some of our most pressing issues.

Some $400 million will be invested into housing in Nunatsiavut, Nunavik and the Inuvialuit Settlement Area. Another $82 million will be set aside, with sustained funding of $6 million a year, to create a permanent Inuit Inuit Health Survey.

As well, some $27 million has been committed, over the next five years, to eliminate tuberculosis in Nunatsiavut and the other Inuit regions.

All of this funding, plus more, will be Inuit-specific, to be administered by the Inuit regions, by Inuit and for Inuit.

As a government we have proven that we are responsible, open and accountable; that we are better positioned to administer federal funding directly to our people and to our communities. We know our issues, and we understand our greatest needs, and we are pleased that the Government of Canada recognizes this.

I want to thank all Assembly members, past and present, as well as our dedicated employees, for the hard work, long hours, sacrifices and commitments in pushing our agenda forward and getting us to where we are today.