Cultural Division

Ensuring the future of our language and culture
Through a number of programs and initiatives, the centre is able to provide the resources necessary for our youth and adults to develop a pride and passion for who they are.

The Culture Division works on the preservation, protection, promotion, and advancement of Labrador Inuit language and culture.

The Culture Division provides a range of language and culture related initiatives and programs including:


Interpreter-Translation services: The department currently has three interpreter-translators on staff providing Inuktitut-English services for the Nunatsiavut Government and the public.

IlinniaKatigennik-OK Radio Hour: Once a week OKâlaKatiget Society radio station in Nain runs a one hour radio program in Inuktitut which is funded and supported by the department.

Inuktitut Master Apprentice Program: A six-month program to be run in each of the five Nunatsiavut communities, where fluent Inuktitut speakers are hired to teach language skills to students.

Labrador Inuktitut Training Program (LITP): Through partnerships, the department has developed curriculum for an Inuktitut language training program to be administered with the Department of Education and Memorial University of Newfoundland. The program was delivered successfully through the Inuktitut Bachelor of Education Program with plans to expand the application of the program into additional educational settings.

Atausiq Inuktut Titirausiq (AIT) task group: The department is participating in an effort to develop a unified national writing system and language materials for Inuktitut. The AIT task group is being led by Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami with participation and contributions from all Inuit regions in Canada.

Inuktitut Rosetta Stone language training: Together with partners, the department has developed Rosetta Stone CD-ROM learning modules for the Labrador Inuit dialect of Inuktitut.

Language Strategy: The department is in the process of developing a Language Strategy to target future programs, services and policy directions to increase the understanding and use of Inuktitut in Nunatsiavut.


Pattern catalogue: A catalogue of traditional Labrador Inuit sewing patterns is being developed to document and preserve these patterns and make them available for use within Nunatsiavut.

Traditions and Transition Among Labrador Inuit: A five-year research collaboration agreement between the Nunatsiavut Government and Memorial University that aims to better understand and strengthen Labrador Inuit culture, identity and language. Core themes of the project include: leadership and governance, people and the land, and expressive culture.

Illusuak: Illusuak is currently being constructed in Nain and aims to be a place where the culture, language, traditions, stories and experiences of Labrador Inuit are shared and celebrated. The centre will be a multi-generational gathering space for all Beneficiaries and will house exhibitions and programming that will engage Beneficiaries and the public in the history of Labrador Inuit culture, language, values and traditions.

Arts services: The department participates in numerous exhibitions, arts conferences and arts and craft workshops that aim to support Nunatsiavut’s artist community and further develop and promote arts and craft in Nunatsiavut.

Arts Strategy: The department is currently developing an Arts Strategy that will guide future programming and policy directions as they relate to arts and crafts in Nunatsiavut and Nunatsiavut’s artist community.

The Division is continuously evolving and growing to ensure that it is meeting the needs of our Beneficiaries.