Economic Development

Towards your prosperity
As part of our efforts to ensure the Land Claims Agreement is followed, we also identify ways in which it can improve economic opportunities for our people.

The Nunatsiavut Government is determined to use the provisions of the Land Claims Agreement to create long-term benefits and meaningful employment and business opportunities for our Beneficiaries.

The Department of Education and Economic Development is responsible for guiding economic development and new business initiatives for the Nunatsiavut Government. The department works closely with other departments, such as Lands and Resources, to identify the best opportunities and use of Inuit resources in fishing, mining, tourism, technology, and more. Through our business development agency, the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation, the Nunatsiavut Government makes strategic investments in activities with direct impact and benefit for Labrador Inuit.

The department is also responsible for identifying and pursuing initiatives to improve opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship for Labrador Inuit. Initiatives include:

  • Maximizing Inuit participation in the civil service;
  • Ensuring Inuit labour market and business participation through Impact and Benefit Agreements;
  • Providing access to training, investment and purchasing programs;
  • Assisting and promoting Labrador Inuit businesses through the Nunatsiavut Business Centre Incorporated.