Inviting the world
We are proud of the home of our people, and we aim to showcase its beauty to the world through a number of initiatives that develop both our economy and our culture.


Nunatsiavut will emerge to be one of the world’s most in-demand, quality, circum-polar travel destinations.


Tourism Nunatsiavut will stimulate the growth of culturally and environmentally sustainable, responsible, as well as economically-viable travel products, honouring the traditions, legacies, and future of Inuit.

Strategic Plan

The Tourism division is responsible for developing and supporting a vibrant, healthy tourism sector in Nunatsiavut.  Through research and community-based consultation workshops, a 2017 Mid-Point Review and Tactical Update  of the Nunatsiavut Tourism Strategy was completed.  2017 Tourism Strategy Refresh

Development Areas

Implementing this plan, the Tourism division focuses on three development areas:

  • Marketing (trade, media, and social);
  • Product development (packaging, visitor experiences, research, and implementation);
  • Human resources/training (customer service, sector specific).

Our industry development revolves around our unique Inuit experience offering:

  • Our five communities: Rigolet, Postville, Makkovik, Hopedale, and Nain;
  • Sites of historic or cultural interest including the Hebron National Historic Site, Ramah, Zoar, Nutak, previously inhabited homestead areas, and wilderness locations;
  • The Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve.


Our mandate is to:

  • Create the conditions necessary for the establishment of a viable tourism industry;
  • Guide sustainable tourism sector development and marketing in ways which honour, respect, and bring benefit to the Inuit and their communities;
  • Leverage the advent of the Torngat Mountains National Park;
  • Stimulate the creation of culturally and environmentally-appropriate travel products which attract world-travelled consumers seeking world-class experiences;
  • Conduct benchmarking practices to ensure the experience is delivered at the highest possible level;
  • Ultimately serve as a best practices model for touristic economic development in Canada’s north.


To achieve this mandate, we provide various services and programs, including:

  • Operating culturally relevant services including the Hebron Ambassador Program, Snow Sailing instruction, business and artisan directories, cultural calendar, and industry planning and implementation tool kits;
  • Implementation of a regulatory system for non-Inuit access to communities/wilderness locations;
  • Marketing of Nunatsiavut as a must-see destination in key markets through media, trade, social, and online outlets;
  • Supporting product development in cruise, ferry, adventure, eco-tourism, and cultural sectors;
  • Establishing research initiatives and determining industry opportunities for effective product and market development;
  • Provide access to industry approved sector specific and tourism wide training/education opportunities.

Operating on the premise of partnerships, the Tourism division’s continued relationship with provincial, regional, and community industry partners ensures our facilitation of local interests to meet industry demands.

Product Offering

To ensure industry awareness of our product offering and development, check out our recently revised Tourism Nunatsiavut website and our Facebook page.

Research and Documents

Heritage Forum Report 2013

In an effort to continue to develop a Nunatsiavut Heritage Strategy, as well as to make connections within Nunatsiavut and around the world, the fourth annual Heritage Forum was held in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut. For information on the results of the forum, please see the 2013 report.


Hopedale Moravian Mission Report 2013

The Moravian Mission holds a significant place in the Labrador Inuit’s history, and Canadian history as well, and the plan to develop the area was undertaking with this in mind. Through the consideration of a number of factors, and the development of key goals, this study details the next steps needed.

This file is currently not available for download.

Partnerships and Planning for Tourism in Nunatsiavut (2006)

With a focus on a number of strategies and key areas to concentrate on, this report provided the Nunatsiavut Government with its direction for years to come.